About Poms Away

Martin and Christine Liggins moved to New Zealand in 2004 from Lancashire.

With a love for Soreen and Double Deckers they decided to open up a UK foods shop......

Martin is a carpenter by trade but after 40 years of that he decided to become a shop keeper! Christine is the director of Simply Budget Limited.


Our Company

With a passion for Soreen and Double Deckers they seized the opportunity to own their own UK food shop.

They, with their team, look forward to welcoming you into their well laid out shops in Pukekohe and Warkworth.

Make sure you drop in and say Hello!
Shop Locations
Poms Away currently have two shops.

One is down Riverside Arcade, Queen Street, Warkworth, across from Cafe Q and the other is in Pukekohe, 6 Roulston Street, just off the main square.

For more details, click here to contact us or view our location map.
Christine loves to cook (really?) and no doubt most of you do too. You will be able to share your own recipes with us in our recipes section of the website.

Feel free to send in your own recipes for the collection by filling out a form and sending it through to us.